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About us

Overseas Labs Limited is an IT company based in Putilkovo, Moscow region.
Our goal is producing high quality services providing for confidence and growth of our clients' businesses.

Our clients

Courthouse Clinics Body Limited, UK
Edit Optimisation, UK
SkinBrands, UK
ABC Lasers, UK
Vitage, UK
Lighfusion, UK


"I've been working with Sergey from Overseas Labs for over 2 years now and he is one of the best coders I've worked with. Not only is his knowledge and ability top notch in web technologies but he is a brilliant communicator and a very dedicated worker. With the help of Overseas Labs we've expanded our online business into Ecommerce and launched an online business automation platform. Sergey was integral to realising all of these projects with us.", - Max Lundsten, Courthouse Clinics Body Ltd.


Software development and maintenance
Server administration
Consulting and technical support
Security audit

Contact us

Send an email to info@overseaslabs.com and we'll contact you shortly